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    H/K 595 Subwoofer Tweak?

    The other day I found a beautiful subwoofer next to the dumpster (the dorms at the nearby university had just closed). I brought it home, plugged it in and it the power LED came on. I looked up the model (Harmon/Kardon 595) and realized that this was part of a 3-piece computer speaker set. The satellite speakers were missing.
    There are three inputs on the back (stereo, rear, and digital - all 1/8" stereo jacks) and outputs for the right and left speakers. I have tried running a cable from my sound card to each of the inputs, and then tried running cables to all three at the same time. Regardless of how I configure things, I get no sound.
    I popped off the back cover and was sorely disappointed. Two circuit boards and more wires than I was expecting.
    There are a total of 8 wires running to the speaker. Two (red/black) are definitely power. I'm pretty sure that the other two (red/black) are the speaker inputs. Then there are four smaller guage wires which are labeled PD1-4 on the circuit board. I have no idea what these will do.
    I am considering splicing the subwoofer output from my receiver to the other red/black pair running to the speaker (not the power red/black). I'm hoping that this will bypass all of the unecessary R/L speaker surround circuitry and just input to the woofer. However, I am afraid that I will also end up bypassing the 150 Hz crossover filter in the process.

    I know that the damn thing works. This seems to be a quality subwoofer (at least nicer than my current subwoofer) and I can't bring myself to return it to the dumpster.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I have the same subwoofer and much the same questions

    Did you happen to get frustrated and sell it on eBay I might have bought it. Please tell me where you are with you project. I also thought of turning it into a passive sub.

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