The other night, I was fiddling around with my amp--Yamaha DSP A-2070--and realised that the fellow who owned it before me had screwed with the the settings on the various parameters, etc. Having looked the unit up on the Web, I was able to reset things....

One of my favorite recordings is Freddie Hubbard's "First Light". It's a little Elevator Music, but it's a very good listen if you want to listen to various instruments that have been recorded fairly well and want that "in there" experience....Anyway, I was futzing with the remote, and pressed the Front Level control for fun. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, Freddie descended from the top of the room (where, alas, my speakers are, for all intents and purposes) into dead center. It was as though he was standing before me, and giving me a good dose of that breathy, brassy Freddie sound that I dig so much.

You can see from my list of gear, that I am a little over the top gear-wise, but this one adjustment has certainly added a strange dimension to my listening experience.

Or is this something that others of you who own and use DSP systems have done?

As Usual,