Short Story: I was going to to try a DIY to replace drivers and crossovers in my Cerwin Vega E-710's since all of the DIY kits are mostly bookshelf speakers, I'm not that handy with wood working and I have these cabinets that I'm using for my computer setup.

I went to for help and suggestions. Once of the members told me to drill the plastic cage of the midrange woofers since they are plastic. Well, to my surprise, they were made of metal, but there was a small plastic chamber behind each of the midrange woofers. Removing the plastic chamber really opened up the midrange and vocals. Vocals are no longer muddy. There is much less boom, tizz, boom tizz and more music coming through, now. I cannot comment on soundstage or scientific frequency result tests since my speakers are not at an ideal placement along the wall on each side of the computer desk and I do not have the proper measurement tools. For a FREE tweak, I'm much happier with the sound that comes out of these speakers. With the less than optimal placement, they still sound boxy and boomy which I doubt will change with proper placement, but it's still a very worthwhile mod. I'm going to try to reverse engineer the crossovers and build some better quality crossovers to try to get an "audiophile" worthy sound out of these mammer jammers.

Just thought I'd share, in case anyone has a set of less than worthy speakers in their garage or wherever.