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    Feedback Stabilizer Thingies

    Diakom Feedback Stabilizers

    I exceeded my yearly tweak budget and bought a couple of these ( 39.95 ea) to go between the CDP and Pre and between the Pre and Power amp. Questioned the value considering my rig ain't bad for resolution as-is, but they turned out to be a good tweak. After about a 10 hour break in, the sound was noticeably more relaxed and even a bit more detailed. My test CD for this was Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon, redbook version "Us and Them" track. You know ....and ...them ...them....themm.....Still sounds good even without the time/motion control properties of pot.

    Anyway, the normally garbled and practically unintelligible chorus segment "havent you heard, its a battle of words......." was considerably improved after installing these simple devices. Off to the classical test with a very bad European redbook "St Mathew Passion " by the Hans Glick choir of Dresden or something like that and blam... more distinct voicings from the choral parts. Still don't understand German worth a f... but it sounds clearer with no aparent tone loss or filtering of instruments.

    The acid test was my wife, who stays with me only because I collect stereo gear instead of guns. She said " sounds better".

    I'm keeping them and even considering postponing a CDP upgrade until I hear more of my collection. Anyone with similar results?
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