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    Exhaust Fan for Denon AVR-3300

    I want to add a fan to exhaust the heat out of the new wall-unit enclosure that my Denon AVR-3300 is now in. There are a couple of holes for cables in the back panel, and I have added a couple of more near the top section of the cabinet to help the heat excape, but I'd feel better if I had a fan pulling the heat directly off the top of the 3300 and out the back. That baby sure puts out the heat! I was thinking of using a 92mm or 120mm computer case fan for this, and maybe just mounting it on the back cabinet panel behind and above the 3300, but I'm not sure what I need to buy besides the fan which is lower voltage, or how to wire it up for power to get the correct voltage. I want it to go on and off whenever the 3300 goes on and off. I know others have done this for their Denon 3300, but I need some suggestions on what to do and how to do it. Thanks.

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    I did this for my HK...

    I just went to Radio Shack and got the only computer fan they sell that is rated for does not have a plug, just wires so you will need to get an cheap extension chord and splict the wires on the fan to the wires of the extension chord. Them simply plug the fan into the outlet on the back of the reciever and it will come on whenever you turn on the reciever. I cut a hole in my drywall to the left of the reciever and it blows the hot air out of the cabinet that all my electronics are in into a void behind my gas careful though, no guard over the fan blades and those little plastic blades hurt like crap when they catch you....make sure you intall it so air is blowing out of the cabinet, not in...

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