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Thread: DIY web sites?

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    DIY web sites?

    What are some good DIY speaker building web sites that i can goto? Links whould be great. Want to try my craftsmanship on building speakers. Thanks!

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    Try the speaker building forums at:

    These two sites are great for buying parts, my preference in that has a ton of articles, and resources, and the community on their forum is mega-helpful
    Also try:
    Wayne J's site has tons of good projects and info on it for beginners in particular, I recommend the PeeCreek project (similar to DIY's by Ed Frias)
    then there's:
    you can navigate to the speaker section, lots of brilliant, and "opinionated" people here.

    From these you should find links to other places.
    Anything in particular you're looking for?

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    Some great links were supplied by kexodusc, with DIYaudio being a great resource. I would also add to the list. Specifically the High Efficiency forum and the people there.

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    heres a couple links that should help. the first is the link page from, theres tons of links here. and the second is by Troels Gravesen who has done some extensive measurements on a few of his projects.

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