Hi people, just a cool idea for those of us with 30gb or 60gb 5G iPods. You can make a little case by cutting off the sprocket locators (those things that go into the tape holes) with a dremel, and grinding down the little tabs on the sides. After you do this, slide the iPod face down into the tape holder thing. then close it. I would also recomend cutting holes on the edges to let a earphone cable throught to the jack on the 'pod. Now, if you ever want to watch a movie, just open the case, slide the iPod out, flip the case round so that the tape holder is now upright and ready to hold your iPod, like so:


these aren't my pics, but this is where I got the idea from, I cut out some extra bits to open up the jack, and a curved bit so I could open it up with the headphones still plugged it.

if you try this, post any things different that you have tried