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    Controlling your Beheringer DEQ2496 from listening position

    Controlling your Beheringer DEQ2496 from listening position to optimize the sound of your home Stereo System
    By I.G and A.R - Rev.0 June 3, 2006

    Many audiophiles around the world are integrating the Beheringer DEQ2496 with there home sound system for optimizing the sound by room correction, system sound correction, sound imaging and "on the fly" improvement of far from perfect recordings.
    Optimizing the DEQ2496 for room correction, system correction and sound staging should be done from listening position for best results.
    Our ear and brain is very good with identifying a relative change in sound and imaging. Moving from our listening position in order to tweak and make a change with the DEQ setting interrupts with our ability for identifying relative sound change and resulting with frustration with our sound optimization process.
    We want to keep the DEQ physical location close together with our CD / DVD players and our amplifiers. This enables us to have it connected using short high quality interconnect cables for best sound.

    The solution is to have a remote control to our DEQ2496!!!

    Two methods of remote control are presented; both were tested and used by us:
    1. Separating the DEQ front panel and extending it with a long flat cable (5Meter) - It has a Low WAF (wife acceptance factor) - See right picture and attached Video clip above.
    2. DIY remote control using 12 Channels IR control Infra Red remote circuit, DC motors, solenoid actuator and Tape Recorder rubber belts - High WAF - See left picture above

    1. Integration of the Behringer DEQ2496 to your home sound system:
    a. We recommend that the integration of the DEQ2496 to your sound system will be by connecting it in the "Tape loop or Tape Monitor" ("Tape-in" and "Tape-out). I am using Roksan Caspian Integrated Amplifier and the nice feature on it is that the Tape monitor activation can be done from its remote control. This way I can by-pass the DEQ and compare the improvement with DEQ to none DEQ sound from my listening position.

    b. Use your digital-out connection from both your CD player and DVD player. I connected the CD using Coax cable to the DEQ, and connected the DVD using Fiber Optic. You can select between the digital inputs through the I/O switch on the DEQ. Later we will show how to remote control it from listening position.
    I am using a Pioneer Universal DVD player that has DVD-A and SCAD format. Forget about using SACD as it is not using PCM digital, therefore you can not optimize the sound with the DEQ.
    DVD-A is using PCM but so far I did not notice any "smoking gun" improvement vs. 16bit CD's so far.

    c. The combination of using "Tape-loop" connection and digital connection to the DEQ has the advantage that the DEQ is decoupled from the system with the Tape Monitor. When the rest of the family is using the system, the "Tape Monitor" is not activated and therefore there is no change for them with the operation of the system before the DEQ was connected.

    2. Best method for optimizing a stereo system sound using DEQ2496 - Not covered in this article, will be discussed in a future one.

    ************************************************** ****

    Wired Remote control by separating the DEQ front panel and extending it with a long flat cable (5Meter)

    1. Remove the two DEQ Aluminum "ears" that are used for mounting it to 19" rack by removing the two screws that holds each "ear" to the DEQ chassis. Remove the three top and three bottom screws that secure the front panel to the main chassis.
    The front panel is connected to the main board by a flat cable only. The "Power" Switch is located on the main chassis and just extends through the front panel.

    2. Buy a 5 meter flat cable from the same type and extend the DEQ cable lengths by soldering or using the same type flat cable connectors male and female.

    ************************************************** ****

    DEQ remote control (DIY) using 12 Channels IR control circuit, DC motors, solenoid actuator and Tape Recorder rubber belts

    1. Needed skills - Experience with building electronic kits and soldering, some electro mechanic knowledge about motors and solenoid actuators, mechanical and improvising skills to build and integrate the remote chassis.
    2. Parts list, and where to buy them:
    a. 12 channel IR remote control kit -
    b. 12V motor with gear 71RPM- from Jameco
    c. Solenoid actuator model 262289CK -

    d. Leaf spring for hooking to the solenoid to press the DEQ large wheel - I took apart an old video cassette and use the spring from it.
    e. Metal Pipe retainers to hold the motors and secure it to the front panel.
    f. A compression spring for the solenoid - improvise - I took it from an old audio tape recorder.
    g. Rubber belts - buy from repair shop for tapes.
    h. Chassis - I used two meters of 5cm by 5cm aluminum L profile to make it, black high temperature spray paint that I had form panting my BBQ for the chassis and front panel painting.
    i. 12VDC switching power supply wall mount - I used 1.7A power supply I bought at an electronic parts shop.

    Pictures of inner Remote Control unit-

    Note - The DEQ is under the DIY remote unit, the top cover of the DEQ was reused to be the top cover for the remote.


    1. CK 1615 12 Channels IR relay board manual:

    2. 12 Channels IR relay board circuit Schematics:

    Motors and solenoid connection circuit.
    (Note - I added 80 Ohm resistors to each connection of the motor to slow more its speed, it is not shown in the circuit below)

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    How much does it cost? the whole thing

    How much does it cost? the whole thing



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    About 50$ for the 12 Channles KIT, each motor about 20$ and the solenoid 20$.

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    Thanks, Very nice job. I don't have....

    the BEHRINGER, but I'm thinking about buying one, I understand it does not have an original remote control.

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