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    Component video dilima

    Ok so I just got my new lcd tv mounted on the wall and am, at the moment runnung the av's for all of my components through a small hole behind the tv down to a cable box along the base board. But this just looks awful and was wondering what my options are as far as cleaning this mess up a bit. I hope to be building a recesed self to hold all components in the near future. Is thear some sort of switch type plate with female av's so I could hard wire avs through the wall with no need to rerun wire every time I get a new component, or is an av switch my only option.
    Any help would be much appriciated.

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    Russound sells a system called platemate which lets you configure it any way

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    A couple of options
    1. An A/V receiver with one component monitor out and several in so you will never have to run more than one line
    2.Is there any possibility of dropping your wiring to a basement through the hole you have and then running it to a similar hole where your components are placed, or oppositely up through ceiling?

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