(I posted this message in the home theater section and realised there was a one especially for "DIY" enquiries.)
-I just ordered the sony Xplod XS-L121P5S car subwoofer rated at 350W RMS (4 ohm single VC) to use in my "DIY" project. I'm planing on building a home sub, with this driver. I was searching a sub "plate amp" and I finally came up with the Rythmik audio 350 :


Do you think this is a good match for the sub? Is this a good amp? Also, the inner volume I am planing to make it about 1.6 cubic feet, with a 4 inch diameter port which would be 10 inches long, in order to give a box frequency of about 40 hz. Does this sound good? The only problem is that I dont know what sony recomends as far as inner volume for this sub in a ported enclosure... I think 1.6 is fairly big for this sub. but if I want a box tuning frequency of 40 or less I need to keep it this way, considering the fact that I cannot have a longer port because of box dimension restrictions..

My primary concern is the amp. Thanks for posting for any comments.