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    build a technics sl1200 wood made

    hello to everyone!

    I'm thinking to buy a Technics sl1200MK2 turntable and change the metal chassis for a round wood made one, there will be no electronic changes, only the chassis but i have to be sure that the turntable is well damped with wood, any suggestion??

    Thank you!!!

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    Welcome to Audio Review!!!

    It may not be so easy the way parts integrate on those things. The 1200 is not a plank with a few parts bolted on. It's the result of much evolution in turntables and the build is fairly complex for a simple manual turntable. If you want something like the 1200 in wood... Why not a Denon?

    Not saying it can't be done... but look... The 3 different sections / materials of the stock chassis, along with the very nice feet do a pretty good job of controlling resonance...

    Alternatively, you could buy something like this... Add a tonearm... armboard... Build whatever kind of plinth you want. Just build it solid, damp it with damping sheets if you see fit, install nice feet... Much easier... Probably better performance...
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