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    Audio Review/EFE DIY speaker design

    johngalt47, this one's for you, my friend.

    I'm sure that there are probably a number of people here that know (or have access to) everything that I'm about to post here, but I'm pretty sure that there are many more that aren't aware that this design is still around.

    This speaker was designed by Ed Frias of EFE Technologies in conjunction with Audio Review and made available for free to anyone who wanted to build it. At some point, the design was offered as a kit from Madisound. Unfortunately, the drivers made by Peerless were discontinued, and the kit was eventually discontinued as well. Ed was kind enough to extend his generosity by updating the design using a new crossover to go with the new SEAS drivers (Prestige line).

    Here are some links that I was able to compile. I hope they are of some use.

    No more EFE AudioREVIEW DIY Speakers at Madisound
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    For an easy to build bookshelf speaker with a pre-made cabinet this would be my choice:

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