I built one pair of AR.com speakers some years ago. (I made them as part of a wedding present, so I never got to use them ).

Anyway, I finally have a place that I can use at least one pair for myself!

I checked the Madisound website for the kit. It seems that now you can buy the whole kit, including cabinets. At the bottom of the page, they list "Optional Parts".

D-Cup Terminal Cup with Gold Plated Brass Binding Posts. $6.70/pair
L-Pad Tweeter Volume Control 8 ohms, 100 watt. $11.50/pair
Black Plastic Trim Plate for L-Pad. $1.90/pair
Custom cut 2" x 6" PVC Vents. $4.00/pair
2" diameter Black Plastic Port Covers. $4.00/pair
Eagle 1 ohm Metal Oxide resistor: $1.00 each.
Eagle 1.5 ohm Metal Oxide resistor: $1.00 each.
Eagle 2 ohm Metal Oxide resistor: $1.00 each.
Six feet foam gasket tape $0.90
Eight #8 PAN head screws $0.32
Eight #6 PAN head screws $0.32

Which of these do I need?