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    Anybody ever tried Ven Hausen DIY cables???

    Looking to make or buy some power cord and interconnect cables. Any suggestions??

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    VenHaus DIY silver interconnects

    Quote Originally Posted by andy13
    Looking to make or buy some power cord and interconnect cables. Any suggestions??
    You meant Chris Venhaus I'm guessing.

    I had great results making his silver DIY interconnects, I deviated from the recipe where I used RadioShack gold plugs instead of the better ones he suggests. Total price to make a pair of these would be about $20. They blew the doors off the Monster M550i that they replaced, especially in the treble and timbre. I'm still using them. They only additional suggestion I'd add is to find some extention cord, split the jacket down the middle with a razor knife and put it around the finished interconnect. It improves the appearance and also keeps the teflon tape from unraveling. It took about an hour to make a 3 foot pair - stripping that .32 gauge wire and soldering it to the plugs was challangeing for this fumble fingered fool.

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