I added a few more pictures and facts such as crossover points, etc. Mentioned a few more names too. Nothing better than being popular I guess.


Well, enjoy these as you do not see too many designs of this scale. By that time they seem to want to sell the schematics and make some money at this hobby. Not me, I will just continue to forge ahead and learn more each time.

So what's next? I've been thinking really big here folks--with a little birdy in my ear from Canada. Those PHL high efficiency paper midranges have been on my mind for a long time along with a nice ribbon with high efficiency to match it. Not a problem there. The problem lies in finding a woofer that can play that loud with low distortion and be a musical woofer. So I figure I have two choices. 1) Do a sub and adjust the sound level from the amp to match the two way (IE a modular design) or use some high efficiency low distortion clean sounding woofer which I haven't found yet. Any ideas?