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Thread: 8 0hms????

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    8 0hms????

    Hello people I have a question: Are there any DIY speaker kits out there that have a MTM design AND is 8 OHMS nominally??? Most MTM kits I have found are all 4 ohm due to the mids being wired in parrellel. I am looking for kits that use 16 ohm mids rather than the usual 8 ohm. That way, 16 ohm mids wired in parrellel yield an 8 ohm load. I prefer the mids to be at least 6.5" in size and no bigger than 7". So, speak up people if you can help. I could also take a pair of 4 ohm mids and wire them in series if need be to yield an 8 ohm load. Thank you for your time.
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    The Audax HT MTM kits at Madisound are 8 ohm nominal...good speakers for the money.

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