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    3 speakers on a 2 channel amp

    I'm installing an outdoor audio system on a large patio and am considering installing three speakers (2 left channel and 1 right in a L-R-L configuration).

    I'm looking at using Definitive Technology AW-6500's which are 8 ohm speakers. The amp I want to get is the Emotiva UPA-200 which is rated for 4 ohms.

    My question is - can I put two speakers on the left channel (4 ohm load) and one speaker (8 ohms) on the right channel without damaging the amp? I realize the power output per speaker will be lower on the left so I may have to adjust the balance.

    Thanks for your help and advice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgrammar View Post
    My question is - can I put two speakers on the left channel (4 ohm load) and one speaker (8 ohms) on the right channel without damaging the amp?
    If two speakers on the left channel are in series, then you should be alright. But do not hook them up in parallel as they might put too much strain on amp.

    Having said that, having two speakers in series will also have its down side. The most importand being that speaker[s] on left channel will sound different than right channel speaker even if they are fed the same signal. Notably lack of bass on the left channel.

    So beside the volume difference between the right and left channel, you may also want to watch out for sonic differences too
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    Why the need for three speakers ? Won't two speakers work just as well ? A single pair of speakers of the right type, properly positioned, should work fine for a large outdoor space.

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    yes you can do it but why? If it is a direction of sound thing there are companies out there that make omnidirectional speakers for outdoor use that could handle this problem without the need for a odd number of speakers to be on the system. If there has to be more than 2 speakers then I would just step up to 4 total and keep things at an even current draw for the amp and the sound would be equal of each channel. Just my pennies worth.

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    What I have been doing in my Onkyo-based home theater system; some plastic Polk center speaker and sub that I borrowed, then added front left and front right each side: an EV 12B-something 16ohm triax in custom floor-standing cabinets, plus KLH-363 3-way, and KLH-32 stacked on top of the E-V boxes, and, for the rear L and R; have Technics A70 3-way bass reflex floor-standers. Sounds awesome. Occasionally rotate in a pair of Ohm Walsh 2 (nirvana in a box - trust me), Sony SS-B100s, and Insignias. Wish I could crank this setup more often but I'd get arrested..

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