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02-16-2005, 11:18 AM
Need to get the word out on this new board for the Dynaco ST70s...Just finished and installed this new board about a week ago...One word: WOW!!!! The "U70" board from VanAlstine is like Viagra for the old tired St70's out there...Yes, there were "some" good mods for the ST70,but this new kid has got to be "King of the Hill" now....YEP !!!
I have done many mods for people and found that the AVA boards were real nice and end user friendly...This board is just that plus it transforms the ST70 into a wonderful sounding powerhouse...I had many tube amps and always tried to "squeeze" a bit more out of them one way or another...It has all ended now...Just install Mr.V's Ultimate 70 board and you are done!!! Everything is there,I mean MUSIC!!! Nothing missing or overdone,sound is just right...
There are certain things in life which we will never part with...My "U70" amp has just made this list...It is truly everything VanAlstine says it is and more...I have an older pair of the big VSA VR4 speakers that I modded a bit and this little 35 watter has plenty of balls to play these speakers with such air and freedom...Vocals are wonderful and the bass,oh man! Everything is there and correct in it's presentation...
This mod is a must have for anyone who owns an ST70 or is seeking a SUPER amp for under $1K...
Thanks to Frank VanAlstine for bringing back the music!!! :)

03-16-2005, 01:55 PM
I have a ST70 amp that does not work correctly. I had someone look it over. The transformers are fine. I changed all of the tubes and capacitors. Still something is wrong, but the guy does not want to work on it anymore. I bought a "loaded" replacement board but I am afraid to try to install it. Can you give me some guidance?

05-19-2005, 12:07 PM
I just had a ST 70 amplifier upgraded to the Ultimate 70 by Frank VanAlstine. This is an incredible amp. It is the best amp I have ever used in my system following several much more expensive, and a few highly tweaked amplifiers. The labels were Jolida, Bryston, AKSA, Golden Tube... Spending $750 on an old amplifier might seem very significant, until your ears hear what happened. This amplifier is amazing.

Dave Ellis