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02-16-2005, 08:07 AM
I have a pair of Yamaha NS-A200XT's for my front stage, and I have them driven by an Onkyo TX-DS797 receiver.

I am happy with the overall performance, except that I have an old pair of Audiosource (rebranded as Onkyo) that came with an old Onkyo HTIB setup from 2000 as my surrounds and an Audiosource center. They are the outdoor style swivel mount speakers and they have plastic enclosures. Over the course of time they have developed buzzing and rattles and the Center is absolutely underpowered for my application. I find myself dragging the center and setting it on the coffee table just to get adequate performance.

Anyone got any idea what matches well with the Yamaha fronts for timbre/voice matching.

Any recommendation on a Surround + Center setup that will be sufficient and in the $200-$300 range used. I love my yamaha Fronts for stereo, but the surrounds are terrible for Home Theater.

I am looking at infiniti and some of the current yamaha stuff. But I'd like it as close in appearance as possible to my current (silver and black). Obviously shopping ebay and discount sites as well, but not opposed to retail on a solid recommendation.

Acoustic Research has been attractive to me per reviews. Any input ?


Brad in Dallas.