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02-15-2005, 11:31 AM
A friend recently installed a set of those brass speaker points that screw into the bottom of your speakers. He is floored by the improvement, previously the speakers just rested on carpet on top of a cement floor. Really huge improvement he sez, and he's not one to exagerate.

I can see how a speaker wobbling can 'smear' the sound, that makes sense. I have my speakers on top of sorbothene pucks on a hardwood floor (downstairs neighbor considerations).

Think I'd realize substantial improvements by installing these points, which funnel speaker vibration away from the cabinet and into the floor?
And part II - how do you couple these to a hardwood floor without doing cosmetic damage?

02-22-2005, 07:44 PM
I bet you the perceived improvement in sound was from him moving his speakers slightly when he put on the spikes. Speaker placement and room acoustics are huge contributers to how a speaker will sound and preform. Also moving your speakers as little as a few inches, or angling them in slighty more or less can yield huge benefits in sound quality. Also the spikes could have added a little height to the speaker which can also affect the sound.

Spikes do not take the vibrations from the speaker cabinet. It might couple them to the floor a little bit better. Normally it is better to decouple the speaker from the floor, something like the aurelex mopad would do that(it is used in tons of recording studios). Spikes are still good for carpet to support the speaker better, and to keep the speaker level better. If you have hardwood floors you can use carpet squares under the spiked speakers if you must have spikes.