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02-14-2005, 02:55 AM
Hello i have a question?
I am living in Israel, i want to build bookshelf speakers no more then 300$ with out cabinets (i want to build them my self :D ).
The speakers must be more then 100rms.
I do not understand nothing in how to make crossover so i need to order crossover that allready was build.
All the stuff you will post here please give a links to them, like the drivers in
The speakers can be with 2 drivers(Tweeter, Woofer) or 3 drivers(Tweeter, 2 woofers).
The final question is this speaker will be better then B&W 602 s3 for 500$ ?
Becouse i read that some one changed his Paradigm speakers that coast 1200$ for 300$ DIY speakers.
Is there so much difference?
Thank you very very much for your answers...

02-14-2005, 05:31 AM
I swapped my Paradigm Studio 40's for the DIY's. I assume you're referring to me...

I've only built 4 different DIY speaker designs, and have heard a few others, but in my experience, yes, it is quite easy to get a speaker that sounds better than a B&W or Paradigm under $1000. From the DIY's I've heard, I would feel confident in saying you can build something that sounds as good as a speaker 3 - 5 times as expensive...though it might not look as nice. I'm sure there's a few bad DIY desings, and few even better though.

The DIY is a good one.

Can you build your own speaker cabinets or must you buy these as well? I also built the PeeCreek design found here:

I like this speaker almost as much as the DIY's...some people might like it more...but you can buy the cabinets already made from Parts Express...these are both about $300-$350 to build.

The DIII's at would have no problem keepin gup with the B&W 602's, and can be built for under $200. Shipping might get expensive depending on what options you go with...might be cheaper to order drivers from Europe than North America.

02-15-2005, 03:01 PM
WOW I relly do not undestand it?
Haw it can be!!!
B&W 602 s 3 is 500$ DIY is 300$ and sounding better, is it means that B&W pot ****y drivers for this pris of speakers?
So it is allwayd better to build speakers then buy ones?
Thank you for your repluy.

02-15-2005, 03:41 PM
B&W makes great speakers, and they aren't ripping you off. Keep in mind they are a business that needs to package, market, build, and most importantly design the speakers. They need to make money to survive. I believe they are fair priced for the most part. Then if you consider that workers would be paid for the job of building, woodwork, and selling you can see why speakers are expensive.

With DIY you do the labour yourself so cost is much lower.

A lot of good quality drivers can be purchased for cheap. But it takes a good designer to put a speaker together. This is not easy. I always recommend beginners start with a proven speaker design or kit, and learn before trying to make their own.

02-15-2005, 11:41 PM
Yhank you for your answer.
can you check this links and tell me what are you thinking?

Adire Audio, the HE10.1 Mark II (95 dB / 1W / 1m) for 300$ per pair and the HE12.1 Mark II (96 dB / 1W / 1m) for 369$ per pair

02-16-2005, 06:24 AM
The only 3 I'm familiar with are the Lyra, D3, and vifa studio...
The Lyra and Vifa Studio are good designs, but I think for the money there are better options (but that's just my taste).

The D3 is a great 1st project with very nice, accurate, and deep pounding bass. If you don't have a subwoofer and want a good speaker for rock music, or home theater, these are great.
If you have (or will have) a subwoofer, I'd stick with the PeeCreek on or the EFE DIY's, to me the midrange and sound overall are much better, and they still have lots of bass, just not as much as the D3's. With a subwoofer these would sound better.

You should check the Tech Talk forum at Parts Express though...there's lots of other Projects people have made that are proven designs, some are probably better than the 2 I have.
The Adire kits are popular too, so are some of the speaker kits at Parts Express. The ones at Parts Express have lovely pre-made cabinets, which is nice if you don't want to or cannot make your own cabinets.

These are high quality good sounding 2-way speakers.

02-16-2005, 09:53 AM
Thank you..
Please tell me what better options for the money?
If you can tell me what kit do you thinking to buy next? or what is your favarite?
I am looking for a kit around 300$, becouse i think with 300$ the kit will be better then 150$ :p .
I am not interesting in bass, the mid and high more importent to me :)
And i can not assamble crossover my self :( i have never done it befor and i do not undestand anything in it.
So i need a kit with assambled crossover.

02-16-2005, 10:09 AM
Then I recommend the DIY's...great speakers, with quality, pre-assembled crossovers done by Madisound.

If you can solder though, it's not terribly hard to make your own crossover.

02-16-2005, 01:32 PM
ok i will try them.
thank you again.