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View Full Version : Line Conditioners. good for "brown out"? any suggestions?

02-11-2005, 06:41 PM
Hi guys... I'm thinking of purchasing a line conditioner for my system, mainly to regulate the voltage.. just to clarify when I refere to a "brown out" I'm talking about the voltage dropping, unlike a "black out" where you lose power altogether... so far I've looked at a couple from Monsterpower, HTS 1000 MK2 and 2000 MK2.

I'm looking for something that will completely shut-down when the voltage drops to an unsafe level. The salesmen didb't seem to know too much about them and said he thought they did but he also said they would bring the voltage up to 120 if needed..

If anyone here knows exactly how they work, please feel free to explain it to me :)

PS I currently have a Monsterpower AV 800 and a 5 second "brown out" possibly turned my RX-V1000 into a doorstop..


02-12-2005, 07:38 AM
doesn't look like too many (if any) have read this thread but in the event someone with knowledge on the subject does I'm checking out the Panamax Max 4300/4310 series as well..

they're cheaper than the monster and it appears they will protect against low voltage and shut off completely when it's unsafe..

Any opinions welcome :)