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02-09-2005, 02:49 AM
I am currently listening mainly in stereo, however I wish to get a Multi-format player and start getting into surround sound/home theatre. I currently have a Rotel RCD971 cd player running on a Krell Kav 300i amp and B&W 703 speakers. Could someone please tell me whether or not the Unidisk SC is the correct route to take, assuming I sell the integrated amp and purchase power amplifiers? Will it play normal cd's better than my Rotel cd player? Is the Unidisk SC worth the money for a 1 piece standalone unit that weighs 4.3kgs!!!? Is it not better to use that money (which is fairly substantial) and rather invest in separates (dvd multiplayer and a processor)? I like the look and idea of this all in one SC, but does it deliver the goods?? Help please!