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02-08-2005, 12:30 PM
Been reading some very nice things about his debut the last few months in music press land, but was hoping to hear a report from the Rave Recs front. Maybe I missed it? Anyone? Some words below from Uncut and PopMatters, but haven't listened to any clips myself yet. Sounds very very intriguing ... now if I can just get someone else to pull the trigger first :)

While plenty in the power-pop underground over the years have mined that crucial 1977-81 period that launched everyone from Elvis Costello to the Plimsouls, precious few have expanded upon its pure rock'n'roll smarts and lyrical acuity. Edwards' debut, though, is audacious by any standard, and clearly measures up to its classicist pedigree. Blaring forth with assured vocals, cutting guitar figures and a melodic sense that marries Tom Petty to Squeeze, Edwards spills out 14 ...

.... Eugene Edwards lands on the scene as a talent to be reckoned with, if we're to judge by this stellar debut. His songs are infectious, his lyrics engaging. All told, My Favorite Revolution is 45 minutes of sheer musical delight featuring well-crafted songs that hearken back to a simpler, more melodic time. It's a fair bet Mr. Edwards's abilities won't remain unknown for very long -- and I look forward to what I hope will be a long career to come. - 11 October 2004