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02-06-2005, 11:34 AM
Yesterday I went to Dallas Audio Concepts to audition a few components. Specifically the NAD C320BEE, NAD C352, NAD C372, Rotel RA-02, NAD C521BEE, NAD C542, Rotel RCD-02, Paradigm Legend, Paradigm Monitor 11 v2, Paradigm Monitor 90P v2, Paradigm Studio 20 v3, and the Paradigm Studio 40 v3.

I was most impressed by the NAD C372 out of the integrated amplifiers and the NAD C542 out of the CD players that I heard. However, since I have a smaller listening room and a limited budget I am considering the NAD C320BEE instead of the NAD C372 integrated amplifier.

After listening to all of the speakers that I had come to hear, the salesman brought out a pair of Cyrus CLS 50 and a pair of ProAC Tablette Reference 8 Signature. I tried both pairs of speakers with multiple configurations and was highly impressed. They both sounded significantly better than the Paradigm Legend, Paradigm Monitor 11 v2, and Paradigm 90P v2 speakers that I had heard. The Paradigm Studio 20 v3 and the Paradigm Studio 40 v3 were comparable, however they didn't posses the same smooth and seamless midrange and treble as the Cyrus CLS 50 and the Pro AC Tablette Reference 8 Signature and the bass seemed less defined and precise. Both the Cyrus CLS 50 and the Pro AC Tablette Reference 8 Signature had amazingly clear midrange and treble that blinded well together and both had great sound staging and imaging. I preferred the Cyrus CLS 50 slightly to the Pro AC Tablette Reference 8 Signature because it had a more full-range with deeper and fuller bass and it was significantly cheaper.

After auditioning I returned home to look for reviews and consumer reports on Cyrus and the Cyrus CLS 50 bookshelf speakers because I was not familiar with the brand or the model prior to hearing them at Dallas Audio Concepts. So, far I have not been able to find much information on either.

I was wondering if anyone was familiar with this company or these speakers and could lend me a bit more insight.

Also, if you have any opinions or information on the integrated amplifiers or CD players that I auditioned feel free to respond.

Thank you.