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02-04-2005, 07:28 PM
Hi guys.. A couple weeks back we had a brown out where the voltage dropped for about 5 seconds and my RX-V1000 shut off and woulden't come back on... only a click. I tried leaving it unplugged for an hour hoping it would reset itself and it sort of did, it turned on but only for about 5 seconds then shut off again.. so I dropped it off at the local yamaha repair guy and he said he hooked it up to his diagnostic machine and reset it and it was working fine... so $40 later I bring it home and plug it in and it turns on but as soon as I touch any other buttons it shut's off immedietly... but now when it comes back on it says "check speaker connections" then functions like normal until I touch any buttons on the panel.... it will stay turned on fine forever until I try and do something with it... (i've tried it with NOTHING plugged in the rear, and with speakers, no difference)

SO i've done some googling on it and all I can find is a suggestion to look for a strand of speaker wire that may be shorting it and I can't find anything.. I've pulled the cover off blown around the connections but haven't found anything suspicious inside either..

any help appreciated, I really like my 1000 and didn't plan on upgrading just yet :-(

02-06-2005, 12:42 PM
I have a YAMAHA RX-V800 that is now in my bedroom. It began doing the same thing as your 1000. First, it would shut itself down. That happened a few times during the course of about a year. Then, finally it would shut down immmediately and not come back on. I decide to try to get it repaired. That turned into a 6+ months project. The shop I brought it to couldn't figure it out. They gave it back to me about 3 times during those 6 months telling me it was fixed but it kept shutting down. They finally did fix it but I don't know exactly what they fixed because they replaced just about every circuit board inside. Anyway, if you do decide to get it fixed, be sure to agree to some kind of flat rate up front and be sure to take it to a YAMAHA authorized service center. Ask them to do some research before attempting to fix it. This is not an isolated issue. Both the A/V shop where I bought the RX-V800(and my RX-V1400) and an authorized YAMAHA repair shop I called(not the one that fixed it) were aware of this problem with these 2 models(they are nearly identical).

02-06-2005, 06:37 PM
Thanks alot for the heads up Mustang.

The place I went to was recommended to me by the dealer that sold me my reciever (I believe he does their warranty work on the Yamahas). But he also gave me the impression he had absolutely no idea what the problem is... he even said he has an RX-Z1 that's been with him for over a year and Yamaha can't even figure it out.

If there is any way you could contact the poeple that fixed yours and see if they remember what the problem was it would be very greatly appreciated, or if not it's no biggie I just thought I'd ask in case ;)