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01-31-2005, 08:30 AM

I run a Mobile DJ system, and am looking for something that should both fit as an over-the-top home theater sub, & a good sub for my
DJ system.

I am already running some high-efficiency, high powered (400WRMS/800WMAX) 15" drivers that use a very stiff cone for
punchy-tight bass, & have an SPL rating of 98 dB 1w/1m. When you get high efficiency drivers, well, there is always a trade-off as
you all know. While these drivers have good bass for most recorded music in the Pop genre, they are not as "explosive" as I'd like for
the RAP bass. Maybe explosive isn't the right word. When I play a rap song at a dance, I want to hear a full-bodied, fat, rich
sounding bass, not a tight-thunk. If I try to get that nice full-bodied, fat, rich bass line with my current drivers, I get distortion from
over-extension, as these drivers only have a 4.4mm Xmax.

I want to hang onto my 15" high efficiency speaker cabs, but I'd like to suppliment them with a sub that can go really low, have good
extension, & high power handling, yet reasonable in size enough to use as a home theater sub when not on the road -- which is most of
the time, since DJing is a hobby, not a full time job, which means maybe 1 or possibly 2 gigs a month--.

About 2 weeks ago, I actually listened to a Polk PSW404, & although it is a bit small for what I'm doing, it had exactly the sound I
want... only I want it bigger. I examined the qualities of this little sub (the PSW404) to notice the design. They were using a 10" high
excursion driver, with a slot-vented box, with the slot vent in the rear of the box. Hence, I've gone looking at subs that are extremely
high excursion, while reasonable durable & good build quality. I was a fan of Dayton speakers already, & took a good look at the
Titanic series, along with some others.

Currently, for my budget, the Titanic 15" MKIII is the best fit right now. It all looks good on paper. I don't have the budget right now
to go buy a kit, but I have some good basic experience building my own cabs. I've not done anything fancy, just sealed & vented so

1. I am wondering if I should go sealed or vented? Bear in mind, we are not talking about a living room sized room here, maybe
something more in the size of a 1,200 sq ft average ....some bigger, some smaller. I really can't count on "room gain" much here. I
know a lot of people who do sealed enclosures use room gain to boost the lower frequencies, I won't have that here. On the
otherhand, I don't want to bite it in power handling, or have sloppy base.

2. If I use a vented enclosure, is a Titanic 15" MKIII going to maintain it's power handling without going into over-excursion? Will the
bass remain reasonably clean? I know it will not be as clean as a sealed, but how will it do?

Any suggestions/input would be great. Thanks to all of you :)

01-31-2005, 09:01 AM
So, what (roughly) is your budget for this project?

With the 15" Titanic MKIII, you shoudln't have a problem getting the uber low frequency response in a sealed cabinet...and if you mate it with the PE 500 or 1000 watt plate amps, you'll have the flexibility of the Parametric EQ to boost the bass at the low end if needed...which I doubt....The kit itself has no problem going below 20 Hz in a 3 cubic ft cabinet.

The ported cabinet will probably enhance the bass, but you might give up some accuracy and tightness...to each their own.

01-31-2005, 09:31 AM
Well, generally in my house I prefer more accurate bass, but in a multitude of different venues, including what could be called a couple of "echo-chambers" I've DJ'd in, you can't get audiophile there. So I guess I am looking for somewhat of a balance. My budget is about $300. Money gets tight when you got 2 little boys, & wife, & a mortgage. However, I've already got an amplifier & an electronic crossover I can use.

01-31-2005, 10:10 AM
Also, what about the Dayton 15" DVC?

How do the Titanic 15" & this Dayton 15" DVC compare, beyond the obvious differences in the frame?

01-31-2005, 04:40 PM
or possibly:


i am actually quite interested in a comparison between the above sub and the Titanic MKIII

01-31-2005, 08:28 PM
I've wondered about that driver too. From what I've heard though, it is a car audio driver. Most car audio drivers are geared to start sloping down not much below 60, to compensate for the cabin gain -- hence, because there is such a large cabin gain inside a car for low frequencies, there isn't a need for flat response down to 20 Hz, nor is it necessarily desired.

I would be interested for sure to know if anyone knows for sure whether it is a car audio driver or not, & what it's response would be like.

I'm basically looking for something that will put out a gob of bass, while still sounding good, musically, not just for theater. Not necessarily audiophile, but not horrible sounds like you'd expect from a speaker cab about to fall apart either....LOL. Anyone? Suggestions are appreciated :)