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01-27-2005, 10:36 PM
Hi there Im totally new to the HT game I have just started setting up a system and need help setting up. Ive got a hitachi 51s500 series tv, an LG dvd player DVI out, dishnet 301, denon avr 4800 THX, Paradigm 9SE MK3 (fronts), Paradigm Phantom Perf Series studio monitor spkrs (rears). I am in search for a center channel and sub. I was looking at the Paradigm PS 1200 sub and Paradigm cc300 center. I know this stuff is ancient but my budget is dwindling. Will they match? Also can some one give me tips on what cables I should buy, and how to set this system up What cable goes where? I was looking at buying a second set of bookshelfs for 7.1 but also need to buy a amp probably to power this all. Can anyone help?
Thanks a Newbie

Mr Peabody
01-28-2005, 10:38 PM
I'm not familiar with Paradigms model numbers but if possible get the same series as your mains. If your TV is HD call Dish and take advantage of their upgrade to a model 811 that is a HD receiver. Go from the Dish receiver to your 4800 via digital audio connection, same with your DVD. I recommend taking all video directly to your TV and do the switching there. Take your audio via digital connections to your 4800. As far as brand of cable that's your preference. Everybody sells Monster. I use Transparent which I think is better but it is also more expensive than Monster. Give Velodyne a listen before buying a sub. I don't own Denon so I can't be more specific than that. I can say once you get everything wired and set into place it is important to go into the receivers menu and set the delay, as well as the other parameters of your system. Hopefully this will get you started, then you can ask more specific questions if needed. You say "newbie" I assume you know about hooking speakers up in phase and the different types of cables and connections, if not let me know.

01-30-2005, 10:39 PM
Hi again I just acquired a NAD 216 THX amp and a NAD 1006 pre amp. What set up should I do? Thanks Mr. Peabody for answering my questions.

Mr Peabody
01-31-2005, 07:19 PM
What exactly do you need help with? How much experience do you have? Did you trade your receiver for the NAD?