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12-19-2003, 10:43 AM
Is it worth while, sound wise, to add a second to sub to open up the rear speakers. I have small Polks for the side and rear channels and was thinking of adding a second sub from the pre-out for the rears.
Any advise is appreciated.

12-19-2003, 11:15 AM
My own personal experience says no, but it may be the equipment I used. I went with 2 Paradigm PS-1000's one used, one new. Both worked fine and would have been great on their own.
I didn't notice any added benefit other than gaining a bit more power. If it wasn't for the mere $100 the second PS-1000 sub cost me I wouldn't have bought 2. If anything it sounded a little too sloppy. Hard to describe. I sold both and bought a PW-2100. It is far superior to running 2 PS-1000's.
I know some people believe in creating a "stereo" effect with subs since the higher frequencies are output in stereo, but I find the bass frequencies a sub outputs too non-directional to make a difference.
I'd always buy one sub that was more powerful, more accurate, and better sounding than buy two subs that might be good, but ultimately cost as much or more than a higher-end subwoofer.
Just my opinion though.

12-19-2003, 11:30 AM
Wow, never thought of that. I think it would be cool. Even without pre-outs you could just route the speakers through it's high-pass filter. Then if your surround speakers are small, you can let your real sub handle it's own bass track without having to handle the bass for the rears. You'd probably want to put your surround subwoofer between the two rear speakers. I think you'd get a pretty good sound. Maybe if you had a lend of a subwoofer, or something, you could try it out and see what happens. If you try it out let us know what happens please! :cool:

piece-it pete
12-19-2003, 01:38 PM
of "ultimate" HT systems with all speakers set to large and a sub on each channel!

Also it appears many expensive center channel speakers have built in little subs.

That said, THX sends ALL 80hz & down to the LFE out. I've heard that movie theaters are set up this way.

So, depending on your setup, kexodusc may be right. If you've got a mid-grade sub you could sell it ebay/audiogonwise & use that plus upgrade money for a killer sub like SVS or Hsu VTF-3 or TN1220 or Paradigm servo 15 and smoke everyone on the block:).

"Bass shakers" screwed to the bottom of your chairs might float your boat, too.

So many options, so little money!!!

Good luck - have fun!