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01-27-2005, 07:54 PM
I have a Sansui 9090db and the AM is not very good. May need tuning but want to try a better antenna. The installed ferric bar antenna broke off (hear broken ball sockets is a problem on Sansui) and is near all the wires in the back of my cabinet anyway. I added a long wire, better but not much.

Say ads for Terk AM Advantage, a loop. But at $50 forget it.

Can I make a loop like the Am Advantage? If so how big a diameter and how many revolutions of wire?

Yes Believe it or not I do listen to AM. My Pioneer Sx-780 is much better at AM than the Sansui.


01-27-2005, 11:13 PM
Check out:

I hear they make excellent AM antennas, but they aren't cheap so I don't know how much that helps you out... :(

02-03-2005, 04:28 PM
Until recently, I had a Sansui sepperates - pre-amp, amp and tuner. Bought it about 1980. I never ever managed to get the AM reception to work - it also had that ferrite job on a ball socket at the back. The FM was great though. The amp was great. The pre-amp only so so. When I complained at the store, they fobbed me off by saying that most people don't care about AM so the manufacturer put in a circiut no better than a tranny. Unfortunately I was young and niave back then, believed the salesman and didn't insist on my rights. Nothing I did improved AM reception. I even attached and extremely long outside antena wire without results. I always missed having that AM capability. Acoupel of years ago I bought a Luxman tuner (on special) and it has a terrific reception, both AM & FM.

My suggestion - don't waste money on trying to improve the Sansui AM reception - it just won't work. You'd be better off getting a cheap second hand tuner and hooking it into your system. Just make sure that the store owner agrees to take it back if it doesn't give you an improvement.

All the best. I know how frustrating such a problem can be.