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01-25-2005, 08:21 AM
Ok, I get the 'if you have disposable income and can afford the best' argument, however...what is it about these speakers, that would drive one to rationalize dropping the original claimed amount paid for these. I see the pictures of the construction team (the Japanese love that sort of thing), and the work in progress, blah, blah, blah, but what is it about a woofer, tweeter, crossover, box and some silver that justifies the expense ? I'm not saying, spend it on charity, but why this particular speaker ( @ that price ?

01-25-2005, 12:28 PM
Well what particular spekaer at what price are you talking about? Audio Note has a $549.00 ($700.00Cdn) speaker (AX-Two) that I like more than the $2300.00 B&W 705 or the $2700.00 Paradigm Studio 100V3. The AX Two is hand made in Denmark shipped all the way here and uses very good VIFA drivers. So the question should be why is the B&W so expensive with roughly the same shipping costs or the Paradigm which is built in my back yard?

AN's Prices on speakers are not out of line with the rest of the industry. Plenty of $3k speakers on the market plenty of $30k speakers too. Dynaudio and B&W and JM labs and Martin Logan etc have speakers going up over $60,000.00 as well(Kharma has a $1 million US speaker) and Avante Garde has speakers getting into the $80k zone. If you're expecting a $60,000.00 speaker say to have $60,000.00worth of cost well that would make no sense - they have to make some bucks. And the mega expensive AN E/Sogon was made by the owner for himself to see what a certain design attribute could do. They don't expect to sell the $125,000.00 speakers though they did take a couple of orders for it from guests at the 2005 CES. Their basic E version is $4,500.00 which can be purchased in KIT form for under $2,000.00. I'm not going to say that $4,500.00 is cheap - but I have compared it to several $8k-15k speakers from B&W to Wilson to ML, Dynaudio, Sonus Faber, Hales, among others - no doubt having more drivers and bigger boxes. The basic E ain't perfect of course but neither are the others. If prices were all equal I know which one I would take and since they;re not equal I REALLY know which one I would take.

01-25-2005, 12:33 PM
Also if you're referring to Audio Note Japan - which is a totally separate company I can't comment. The two partners Kondo -San and Peter Qvortrup had a difference of opinion and split - Kondo runs Audio Note Japan and sometimes just has products under the name of Kondo and Peter Qvortrup has the rights for the rest of the wold under Audio Note UK. Many of the principles are the same - AN UK offers products at affordable prices - Kondo does not to my knowledge - and the speakers are quite different with AN Japan making a line of speakers called Ruthy.

Here's a fellow who has been in the audio game a very long time and decided to purchas an Audio note Level 3 system - which if I'm correct probably runs close to $30kUS - there was a lot of follow-ups to that thread.

Value and whether it's worth it or not is subjective - the object is the sound reproduction - to me that's all that is important if that;s what you're buying - if you want a beautiful sculpted speaker to show off then look elsewhere.

01-25-2005, 02:05 PM
Ok so I assumed one would click on my link that takes you to the audigon auction for the Ruthys in question. Original price $58000. The link has pics etc. I was not criticizing Audio Note's offerings, as they have a wide range. I have not heard them, nor can I comment. I was specifically refering to the AN Japan Ruthy in this auction --------------> click_me_please ( <----------- !
I've heard your AN musings before, and didn't mean for you to make a case of it, I respect your opinion about AN. I was referring to this piece only. Thanks for the history of Kondo(AN).

01-25-2005, 02:26 PM
I know little of Audio Note Japan - their stuff is high priced - if it is true that that is a one of a kind speaker that may explain the expense as a one off bears the full brunt of all osts from labour R&D fixed costs etc. If it sounds like a $58k speaker then it will be worth it to whomever thinks it's the best one for $58k I guess. Otherwise maybe there is a reason thy only made one!