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01-22-2005, 05:36 PM
Whats the 2 channel sound like on the RX-V 1400 and 1500? and how's the two compare to each other?
What would be a nice Yamaha DvD player to go with these for about $400 or less?

Im thinking if the 2 channel sounds good I might just move my cheeper Sony Dream system into my bedroom and build a nice HT in the main room. :cool:

01-23-2005, 06:36 AM
As far as receivers under $1000 I've heard, my 1400 sounds as good as anything...the 1500 is essentially the same with some minor revisions, though I doubt sounds any better or worse. I demoed some Harman Kardons, Denons, a Marantz, and a NAD in my home for a few weeks...the only real standout was the NAD for 2-ch stereo music listening, but it was also the most expensive. The rest pretty much sounded as good as each other, the Denon and Yamaha were very similar sounding, both quite neutral and I think they were both just a bit more detailed than the H/K, which to me was a bit more on the warm side...
I think I can safely say either Yammie will be a significant step up in sound over your Sony system.
If you're really fussy about your 2-ch stereo, why not purchase a good integrated, or a smaller receiver and buy some power amps...you'd probably enjoy that more than these receivers.