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View Full Version : What speakers would go well with the NAD C352?

01-19-2005, 02:16 PM
I'm a newbie so please bear with me. I need some advice on what would go best with my amp/cd player combo.
I have settled on the NAD C352, paired with the NAD C542 or C521BEE (haven't decided on the which cd player yet) Is the C542 worth the extra money over the C521BEE?
What speakers would fit nicely with this amp/cd player combo?
I listen to mostly hard rock.
Some of these speakers are not sold at the same store as the NAD, so some input from folks that have these speakers with the above combo would be greatly appreciated.
I've found some on sale: Energy C5's or C7's, Boston Acoustics VR3's, Axiom M50ti's or M60ti's, Mission M34's. This only what I have found on sale.
Suggestions on other brands to check out would be welcomed.
I'm looking to spend $1000 Canadian at the most, less would be better of course.

01-19-2005, 02:54 PM
They all sound so different from each other that the amp's effect will be negligable. That's kinda like worrying about what color underwear you have on when you're on the way to the hospital after being shot.

IOW, ya gotta listen for yourself. That amp is strong enough to handle any of the ones you listed.