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01-16-2005, 12:38 AM
I just got a new video camera system. The cameras attach to a switcher using 6-pin Mini-Din cables (same as PS/2). The cables they have supplied me are too short (60ft.)

I'd like to splice the given wires and insert CAT-5e cables in between to extend the wires to 100ft.

Is this doable? What wiring configuration should I use? I know I should use specific wires for the audio and also specific wires for the ground and video as the CAT-5e wires are twisted.

Any tips? Thanks! Any help appreciated... =)

01-21-2005, 05:52 AM
As long as it's a straight through pin-to-pin male/female cable it shouldn't matter. CAT5e is alow-loss capable of providing adequate data transmission at over 100m, so you shouldn't have any problem with line level audio. The color coding is wht/org, org/wht, wht/grn, grn/wht, wht/blu, blu/wht, wht/brn and brn/wht. It doesn't matter which wires you use for which pins they are electrical the same.