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01-15-2005, 05:29 PM
I am using acoustimass speakers, 2 double cube speakers for front and 2 doubles for rears. I have also been using a double cube for a center channel but it doesn't sound all that great. I don't want to get into a debate about Bose speakers. I am asking for suggestions for a center channel. Should I go with the Bose VCS-10 center channel or would it work okay if I go with a JBL or some other brand. I know that the center is very important but I am afraid the JBL might be too overbearing??? Any recommendations? I have an Onkyo 702B receiver. Thanks for your input.

01-15-2005, 07:38 PM
You are running 5 identical satellites in your system. It would seem to be the ideal system.

One thing to keep in mind is that your Bose system channels all signals through that bass box which filters out a LOT of the (upper bass, lower/middle midrange) audio spectrum from ever making it to the satellites.

If you simply replace the existing center from the bass box, odds are that whatever speaker you replace the center with will still have the same limited frequency response.

Another speaker might sound "better" but it still won't be as good as it would be running stand alone from the center channel output on the receiver. And, I don't know how your system would react if you simply removed the Bose center channel. But, Lord knows, it probably won't need the bass trimmed off like the tiny Bose satellites.

This is not a bash but simply a statement of fact. Bose systems are intentionaly designed to not "play well" with others.

01-15-2005, 08:14 PM
The Bose center channel VCS-10 does not go through the module as it is made to directly connect to the receiver. I "hear" what you are saying about Bose but the truth is that I really do not enjoy a lot of bass.

I am fairly satisfied with what I have for the moment but my room is quite large and the satellites don't seem to be enough. I am replacing an old Yammy for the new Onkyo. I wouldn't be opposed to buying new speakers but there is so much to choose from I wouldn't know where to start really. In addition, my wiring is in the wall and set up for satellites on the wall just below the ceiling. I do not want floor speakers. Larger speakers would be fine as long as I can mount them on the wall. If you can recommend another set up under $1000 I would be most grateful.

01-16-2005, 02:39 PM
This thread certainly morphed from your original request for a new center to replace the one from the AM 6 set.

I am fairly satisfied with what I have for the moment but my room is quite large and the satellites don't seem to be enoughEither you are satisfied or you are not. If you are satisfied then keep the bose. If they don't seem to be enough, then replace them.

Your choice.

One option. The new Mirage Omnistats (or something like that) put out some decent sound (ANYTHING will beat the Bose AM series) and their new micro series comes in at under $1000 but, then again, a lot depends on your personal taste and how large your room is. I think the new Audio and Video Review has a review of these.

I'm sure others will have more ideas.

01-16-2005, 10:35 PM
I personally have always thought the Bose center was a horrible speaker, even for Bose. With regards to Bass, I am not a fan of mind-numbing boom, however a truely full range system does sound incredible. Please do not confuse an overly bassy system wth a system capable of low frequency impact when it is needed.

Having a large room may actually be the greatest reason to move away from the AM speakers. Sound depends on air movement, drivers move air. Small drivers move small amounts of air. The bose system uses small drivers all around, even the bass module.

If you are set on keeping with small speakers though, I too would cast a vote for the Mirage Omni-sats. Micro-sats would probably be too small.