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01-10-2005, 07:48 PM
I am in the process of replacing my 30+ year old Tandberg 3 ways and have not looked at speakers in that time or receivers, Luxman R115, since late 80s.

I have looked at same price range Martin Logans, Magnepans, JM Labs, Sonnus Faber, and Dalis.

I think I have settled between the Klipsch and the Studio 60s. I have auditioned the S4s as well, but for some reason found them a little harsh and I am not sure what it is that is doing that.

My quandry is this, the Studio 60s sound a little harsh as well, not horribly but every so often while auditioning. Clearly, the amps and cd players are superior to what I have now and I very well may not be attuned to the current components.

I would guess I may have to update my power and my cd player as well.

Suggestions on what I may be experiencing as well as equipment. I realize full well that speakers are a matter of personal auditory choice, but thoughts would be very welcome.

My listening preferences are classical, folk, 40s-80s, easy listening, wife is the same plus R &B.

The speaker budget is between 2k + 2.5k. Power around $800-900.

Thanks in advance. ncat :confused:

01-10-2005, 09:27 PM
The Klipsh have a better sensitivity than the Paradigm (less power to push them) the lows are almost the same .The Klipsch could handle more power also.There also Energy speaker and for the money the Dahlquist Qx10a and Qx9a are hard to beat .The lows on the Qx9a are 28kz and on the Qx10A are 26hz .Pat.P