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eRod v1.0
01-08-2005, 09:24 PM
Here is my dilema. I just bought my house. I have roughly $5500 that my wife has allotted me to spend on my home theater system. So far here is what I have in mind:

Klipsch RF 25 (Front Tower Speakers)
Klipsch RC 25 (Center Channel)
Klipsch RS 25 (Rear Surround)
Paradigm PDR 12 (Pwrd 12" Sub)
Integra DTR 5.5 (7.1 Surround w/ all the bells and whistles)
Sony 60" LCD HDTV

With all of this, including extra parts and materials, I am over my budget by 1k. Would you recommend I lose sound quality and go with something smaller, or do I lose the TV and find something cheaper?

My other option is, I have a friend w/ barely used Definitive Tower speakers, Center channel, and subwoofer. I can offer him to buy those, then buy a receiver, rear surround speakers, and the TV.

Last question. I really like the Klipsch RS 25s. If I did my back up option, can I mix and match components from different companys? Thanks for any and all the help.

01-09-2005, 06:06 AM
Honestly, for what you are trying to accomplish I think I'd recommend you look at a slightly less expensive receiver from Yamaha, Denon, H/K Onkyo, etc...I personally am a big fan of Yamaha's RX-V650 or HTR-5760, at about $350 I feel it's the best value in HT receivers right now, feature loaded, plenty of power for you, Yamaha's unequaled reliability and pre-outs should you wish to add external amplification later on. It'll do 95% as good a job as the Integra, has all the latest processing toys, plenty of connections, but costs less.

I think you can probably do better on the PDR-12 as your subwoofer, and save a bit of money. Try looking at offerings from SVS or HSU research fro starters...would you be adverse to building your own sub from a kit?

Really though, I have a strong feeling you TV choice is eating up most of your money, if you are 100% set on that unit, then perhaps you should consider building your system in stages. Buy the best you can get right now, and gradually complete the system as you find more money. Take my word, you'll thank yourself for doing this rather than having to sell some compromised equipment you didn't really want in the first place later on in order to afford something a bit better.