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mosfet wrecker
01-05-2005, 04:31 AM
I have always been awed by excellent sound reproduction but never wanted to pay the asking price of commercialy available amplifiers. I recentely started researching the actual workings of amplifiers and their different classes and designs. I was astounded by the amount of differing opinions which left me somewhat confused as to what was heresay and what was fact. I have however learned that in all aspects of audio their is subjective and cynical points off veiw, GOOD. Although audio is full of different opinions and views who can actually be wright,? and can anyone ever be wrong? I have learned that audio amplification and sound reproduction boils down to mainly one thing, preference. If a tube enthusiast loves the sound of his home built 20watt per chanell valve amp using a few el84 output pentodes over a top of the range £2000 SS design that is commonely rated and discussed is he wrong? Im sure all of you have an opinion on this subject but that's the whole point of being an audio enthusiast. If it where not for the sceptics and the criticism audio would still be at the stages of wind up gramophones with horn amplification. Anyway as I was saying I decided to research into the actual workings of the audio amplifier and have found some very good, and some excellent designs of which all can be built at reasonable prices. I recentelly built a medium power design which will responed up to around 20khz but is excellent when used for only bass. I have plans to build another amp for the higher frequencies. I have never had the funds to purchase the commercialy available amps so would like to know if these units are really up there in the class of sonic excellence, or if a home made design that adheres to afew simple building rules can ever compete with one? Has anyone ever tested or had any experience with home made amplifiers. One final thing, is power the answer? Would medium power into excellent and highly efficient speakers give the same results as high power into medium grade easily obtainable and reletively cheap speakers? Any ideas? :)