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01-02-2005, 05:54 PM
I recently happenend to come across a website that gives you a recipe of DIY tube traps to trap low frequency sounds in the room. I build 4 of them for my room using the Knauf's compressed glass tubes. I have to say frankly that I did not see significant change. Maybe I haven't placed it rightly or maybe I did someting wrong making them. Has anyone of you guys tried it and have been significantly happy. If yes, could you please share with me and maybe like some tips.

01-03-2005, 07:07 PM
You'll notice the difference with bass traps a lot more with subwoofers because they go further into the region likeliest to give you room-induced problems and they are typically placed where the bass gets reinforced more. For room corrections in the bass, I use a parametric equalizer with my subwoofer and the improvements to the bass have been huge.

The rooms I've been to where bass traps were in use typically have more even sounding bass. If you really want to check on the effect, you should do some frequency response measurements in the low frequencies and see how they change with the bass traps. The only room treatments I've done in my room has been with acoustical paneling, and they attenuated the overall SPL in my room by 2 db and audibly improved the imaging quality.

I have no idea what compressed glass tubes are, so you'll have to enlighten us.

The improvement also varies depending on how much of a problem your room was to begin with. If you lucked out and have a room without severe peaks and/or frequency cancellations at your listening position, then the bass traps won't do much.

01-04-2005, 01:05 PM
Hey Wooch,
Thanks for your response. Currently the room I am using is one of my rooms in my house. I have an unfinished basement and I want to actually use it there. But this process was a part of my research. I do plan to treat my room. So while researching on the topic I came across the tube traps and how expensive they can get. But luckily also came across sites where they explain step by step process of building your own for the fraction of the price. Here are the sites, might interest you :

As per them even few number of tubes will make a difference in the sound. Maybe my current room may not have really bad acoustics but I was hoping to see some change over my current condition. In fact if you are interested in other areas of room treatment I found other great site for a great price.

So far Eight nerve is the only company to sell room acoustic stuff ( not tube traps ) for a great price.