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12-25-2004, 03:02 PM
and more! Scored some good tunes at the end of the year. Started a couple weeks ago when I got a present from a friend, the new Flaming Stars album that my online source finally gave up on and cancelled. And I got the new Nick Cave as an early B-day gift too! But no music for Christmas, so I headed out to the big storewide sale today at Tower to get my own gifts and picked up the Autolux Future Perfect CD that I mentioned in the Christmas gift thread. And also scored that new Ray Lamontagne Trouble CD that Mike and tentoze and others have been raving about. And holy crap, if the whole thing is as good as the first few songs then add me to the ravers! Not really a critical listen yet but sounds like a pretty spectacular recording too. But this Autolux is so totally cool. Man, if you like the sound of shoegazer power pop, this is the deal. Like a Pixies tribute to the Shoes, but played out with Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine controlling the flow. And yeah, that also means the ghost of Kurt Cobain is in the building too. Very cool stuff for all the you-know-who's around here who think like me. Hints of the Cocteau Twins too. Obviously not the most original sound in the universe....but pretty damn likeable. T-Bone Burnett in the producer's chair. Seems like an odd choice, but it definitely works...

Also grabbed that Augie March CD I was asking about over at the obner awhile back. Strange Bird.

Yeah, I know, you're probably saying to yourself that you need a big sale at Tower just to get the prices down to normal. And you're probably right but it was actually pretty good for a b&m. I got 4 CDs for about $48 before tax. What really surprised me though was that I found lots of things in stock that I wanted. Had to hit the checkout quick before the damage got really bad.

Stopped by Long's on the way home from Tower and picked up a 12 of Samuel Adams Boston Lager for under $10. Life is sometimes good. What about you?

Dusty Chalk
12-25-2004, 06:38 PM
Life is sometimes good. What about you?Meh.

Thanks for reminding me about the sale. I'm off.

EDIT: Meh. All the stores closed at 9 around here today. Fortunately, I figured that out before I left.

12-26-2004, 09:39 AM
Pity response
Thanks, sometimes I do wonder if anyone reads them. Hey, like I said, the sale wasn't very good anyway. Only worked out to 16%, but it was something to do on Christmas and I was going out anyway. But I was surprised at the selection - I haven't been to Tower in quite awhile because I was always striking out and when I did happen across something I wanted, it was about $19. Maybe I just bought all cheap stuff this time but that's OK too. I did pick up that Anniemal CD I mentioned in the year end wrap thread of MGH by the Norwegian Annie and it was stickered $23.99 as an import so put it back, but they had a bunch of copies and it would have rung up as $19.99 I guess. I really want to hear her. She sure is getting good press. Do you know of her? Certainly a better price than at amazon who want their usual obscene import price of over $33 for it! There are streams for a few songs at but it's pretty crappy sound. Interesting, in a guilty pleasure Kylie over Röyksopp kind of way :)

This Autolux CD is very nice. Not sure yet who to recommend it to or who already has it. I know some of the people at obner were talking about it awhile ago. AMG only gives it 3.5 stars and no review, but I think it rates much higher than that. Hints of the softer side of Pink Floyd at times and some of that gentle Abbey Road side 2 sound as well. It does erupt with squalls of guitar on most of the songs, very much like MBV which is the closest reference. Too close probably, but very nice nonetheless. Big drums too. One of those CDs that I could probably live with for days. EDIT: Just found a good review at that says most of the right words and mentions most of the right bands. When the guy is singing I swear they do sound a lot like the Shoes, or at least from what I remember. Have to get out my Shoes vinyl and check it out. Now there was a friggin good band that went mostly unnoticed! I should do a Shoes appreciation thread and see if I get any responses ;)

Dusty Chalk
12-27-2004, 02:23 PM
No, I've not heard the Anniemal CD yet, but, like you, I've been hearing good things about it -- noticing it making a lot of year-end lists and whatnot.

One of these days, I'm going to get off of dialup, so that I can hear things like streams and such.

I've been curious about that Autolux CD, as well, I think it just got upgraded from '?want' status to '!want' status.

?want == do I want it? investigate further, etc., whereas !want == yes, I do want it, it's on my wish list.

Dusty Chalk
12-27-2004, 04:19 PM
Okay, I read that Autolux review -- I really like the Roni Size and the 'catnip for the ears' lines. I need to get that sooner than later.