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12-25-2004, 12:42 PM
Hey guys, a buddy of mine is a bedroom DJ for the most part that does small events (college parties, etc) and was looking for good sounding DJ speakers. He mentioned the Wharfedale Zaldeks. I personally do not know much about this line except they have blue drivers (ooooohhhh pretty). I was wondering if someone could offer some insight into these? He doesn't need volume as much, but wants quality. He is planning on getting the one with the 1 8" dirver and the 10" sub i believe.

12-25-2004, 07:19 PM
Get your friend to try and listen to them against the Diamond and Pacific series - all are pretty inexpensive. The Zaldek series which i have not heard appears to be more of a suped up boom box speaker - BUT Wharfedale generally doesn't make crap - it's all about what you want the spekaer to do - this series looks like a dorm party speaker that will play real loud but perhpas not as nice sounding as the Diamond line which may play better but not as good one the bass impact front.

It's interesting that they're using a horn midrange and I'm not exactly sure what the difference is for DJ requirements than anyone else :D but They do look funky and they're inexpensive - It's also surprising that the sensitivity is that low for a horn speaker. They also use MDF cabinets which some speakers costing much more do not.

Hell if this is for DJ kind of music - they might be pretty good. Make sure your friend listens first and try to listen to em for as long as you can. Some cheap horns can sound really harsh - some can sound very smooth open and extremely clean. I have Wharfedale Vangiuards that use horns which I have had since around 1990 which were and are very nice in the treble - but the Zaldek uses a very different horn and is nowhere near as expensive.

I don;t think Zaldek is offerred in the US or Canada so you may want to try the Hi-fi Choice forum http://forum.hifichoice.co.uk/index.php