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12-23-2004, 01:03 PM
I have a Klipsch Promedia 4.1 system. The speakers are connected through the subwoofer and the subwoofer provides the speakers with power and has an amplifier for the whole system. Recently, the subwoofer stopped working and when i plug in the sub it makes a buzzing noise and when i unplug the subwoofer, the buzzing rises to a loub beep and suddenly stops. I opened up the subwoofer and look at the inside but i was unable to determine the problem because i do not know much about audio systems. My speakers can not function without the subwoofer because they need the power and amp. How can i make the speakers work without fixing the subwoofer and what can i do to fix the subwoofer?

I am fairly good at fixing things and although i dont know very much about subwoofers, i believe that with some help I can make my subwoofer functional again or at least make just my speakers work. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. My screen name on AIM is theperson222...

Please look at the attached pictures...


01-21-2005, 06:26 AM
I've worked on a couple of different Klipsch systems, one with a problem identical to yours. What I found was a problem with the DIN preamp cable. If you have a meter capable of testing continuity, check the cable end-to-end to make sure you haven't broken a wire in the plug on the sub end.