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12-23-2004, 02:46 AM
Help please with wiring Bose Lifestyle 28 Home theater audio cable !!
I have loose Bose audio cable that connect's AV 28 media center with PS18 Acoustimass module
This cable is similar in Bose Lifestyle 18, Bose Lifestyle 28, Bose Lifestyle 35, Lose lifestyle 38, Bose Lifestyle 48
It have RG45 connector at one end and Mini din 8 connector at another end.
Please !!! If anybody have Lifestyle system send me please wiring of this cable !!
New audio cable from Bose cost's too much $$$

Rg45 connector Pin's -

Mini din8 connector Pin's -

for example :

RG45 --- Mini Din 8
Pin 1 --- ?
Pin 2 --- ?
Pin 3 --- ?
Pin 4 --- ?
Pin 5 --- ?
Pin 6 --- ?
Pin 7 --- ?
Pin 8 --- ?

Thanks so much.

12-23-2004, 01:19 PM
By loose connection, is this at the unit or is it an actual cable problem? I see this all the time on PCs at work, and it's almost always a loose screw on the connector that causes connection problems.

If you truly need a new cable, pretty much you're screwed. Bose uses proprietary connectors on their Lifestyle systems, which makes it very difficult if not impossible to find third party replacement parts and to do speaker upgrades. Even if you can find a third party cable that uses the same plugs at both ends, you have no idea if Bose did any kind of crosswiring or which pin connects to which output. Bose charges a lot for the replacement cables (and wire harnesses that allow you to connect their Acoustimass speakers to other systems) because they know that you can't just walk into a neighborhood Radio Shack or drug store and find a reasonably priced generic replacement.

If it's the connector that's loose, then it might just be a matter of tightening up a screw inside the unit. Better hope that's the case, because otherwise you're stuck with whatever options Bose has limited you to.