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12-21-2004, 09:49 AM
To compare sound quality between BW & KEF : which one gives listeners better sound ?

With KEF all products are no longer assembled in England ? Look like they are made in
Malaysia or China. Its design is still in England ? Anyone knows ? or from the US ? Another point, with KEF, it places the tweeter right in center of mid-ranges. How can it control sound vibration ?

Can I match BW & KEF in home-theatre setup ? (ie : use KEF Q-Compact for the fronts and BW LCR3 for center)

Peter Duminy
12-21-2004, 11:35 AM
I am slightly biased here, as I was on the B&W Design Team for a number of years in England. KEF still R&D's most of their designs in the U.K. Their UNI-Q driver of which you mention is considered a reference on their top models. It is a spin on the Tannoy Dual Concentric design which is now a classic favorite. The tweeter output is time aligned on both these designs, and gives super imaging in most cases. "Sound vibration" control of which you mention is not an issue for KEF or Tannoy using their own concentric/coaxial technology (#).

As to B&W, nearly all their assembly still takes place in Worthing and Bradford in the U.K. R&D is mostly conducted in their Steyning Labs in Sussex, although they do have Consultants in Germany too. B&W spends a fortune on new technology development, and it shows on their high-end products, as well as budget products.

Mixing and matching brands of speakers is a dicey proposition at best, as they will tend to have different sonic signatures. But all of this information is somewhat meaningless, as it is what your listening tastes dictate. If you enjoy the sound of a KEF system more, then that's the one for you. If B&W sounds more natural and dramatic, then this is the speaker system (#) for your needs. I would let your hearing decide, and not the technical hype. :cool: