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12-20-2004, 08:04 AM
Saw this one last night and have to say, it's just OK.

Visually, this movie has few equals. Very dark and cold setting yet very colorful in a strange monochrome way, if that makes sense? This is one of the best looking movies I have seen in a long time.

Jim Carey does an excellent job as usual playing these kind of weird crazy characters and the kids did a pretty good job as well. But, the characters just seemed kindof, um, boring. The little girl was really cute and the two older children did good jobs but again, just kindof boring.

The plot was also just, OK. No real jaw dropping surprises or plot twists, even at the end. I saw the end coming within the first few minutes of the film. It was not a bad story, it just was not great. The look at feel of the film was so spectacular and the plot and acting were just so average.

Anyway, it's worth a see at the theater but if you happen to miss it, it will be even a better value at home on DVD. BTW, this is not really a kids film. It could be really scarry for some kids. The look of the film and Jim Carey alone might scare some small kids.

So, anyone else seen this? What do ya think.


12-27-2004, 11:34 PM
I came in with lower expectations and came out really liking this movie, the more i thought about it the more i liked it. Jim Carrey is as good as in Eternal Sunshine, which was a phenomenal performance by him, as he can bring laughs and also really scare you with what he was able to do. He was the perferct character for this role, hands down. The kids were cast well. They both had the look for this role and executed what they sought out to portray very well. I also thought what they were able to do with the baby, Sunny, was very impressive.

The sets and backgrounds and CGI that they contained was easily the most impressive part of the film. Things just seemed to flow to me and i don't think i noticed a single thing that looked off. The film was all over the place visually and everything looked great.

In a THX theatre, the sound was fine and that's all i can really really say about that.

Thumbs up. The B- rating i saw on Yahoo for the averages of the major scores from the papers seems way low. I give it a B+.

12-29-2004, 01:04 AM
Yeah, this was a movie I was dragged to go see with my girlfriend. She thought it was "cute & sad". I myself didn't care for it when I left. Halfway through the movie I found myself looking at my watch more than the screen. While I like Jim Carey as an actor, I just didn't like him in this role. Also, jumping from the movie to the guy with the typewriter kept pissing me off :)

01-05-2005, 04:53 PM
i got a kick out of it. DEFINITELY not a kids movie i thought, had some pertty dark and very disturbing themes (the end sequence??) that would be a little odd to explain to kids. i was only dissapointed by the ending of the monkey references so early in the movie. maybe it was the mood i was in, but they cracked me up to no end. that banana line almost had me spitting up soda.