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12-17-2004, 11:08 AM

I'm looking at Paradigm ADP 170s for my L/R surround and eventually for my center rear.

My problem is that my Kitchen/Dining/Living is all one area.
The least intrusive place to mount my Left rear speaker would be under a breakfast bar that extends from the kitchen ~ 3 ft high and near a pillar that may obstruct the forward firing speaker somewhat.
My second option is to mount the speaker above the entrance to the kitchen ~10 ft away from my seat and at ceiling height. The problem that may arise now is that the speaker will have to pass across the main halway- I'm guessing that this would cause a crap load of noise to difuse through the hallway-reducing the effect at my seat and loudening up the hallway and bedrooms (girlfriend).
My final option-(one that I'm not really considering) is to mount the Left Rear at close to ceiling height behind the listening postion by about 4 ft.

My final question is if I mount my Right surround at a different height than the left-will this be a major problem (even though I am using ADPs?)

Thanks for your help-I've been wrestling with these options for a while-the esthtics (live in girlfriend) was why I was considering the ADP 70s but after further research I think I have to go with the 170s.