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12-10-2004, 09:05 PM
Ok. I am putting together an Outlaw 950/770 combo that will be powering Athena AS-F2 fronts, an Athena C1 center. What Athena rears? The AS-F2's? I am using an SVS CS-Ultra w/1000 watt amp. This system is 99.9% for movies. Viewing is via a JVC HD LCOS 52". What is a good choice dvd recorder? Any drawbacks to a recorder?

Also should I be including anything else to better this setup?

Is this a good combo? Are the Athena speakers a good bang for the buck? A different suggestion?

Thanks in advance


12-11-2004, 07:52 PM
i am running the Athena ASF2 L/R and the ASC1 Center. They are exceptional speakers for the money (they easily beat polk, bose (crap), HK, and the energy act 1/6 -this is a personal opinion of course. They are a canadian company which is a bonus, look exceptional, act very well in the entire range; the problem may lie in you rears... I am looking at Paradigm ADPs 170s (I think) due to their small size and exceptional reputation-I havent done an at home trial yet-so the matching may become an issue (they are about $250Cdn a pair). I also have an Athena Sub 8 Subwoofer which was great for the money ($150) but I would look closely at Energy or REEL (about $300 for an 8" ground pounders fantastic sound) The Athena Sub is OK. I am by no means an expert at this stuff, as I have only been researching for about a year and size and estitics were big issues for me (mainly due to my girlfriend!)...
Good luck,