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12-10-2004, 03:01 AM
Okay, here's the deal. My brother in law has a composite/VGA/S-Video projector that's HD/Progressive Scan compatible (I think he needs a component/VGA converter for that to work) and a budget around 400$. He wants a system, be it an all in one package like the caimbridge soundworks 505 HT system or a group of individual pieces that meets the following requirements:

He needs a reciever that has Dolby Digital/Prologic II/DTS,
at least 5.1 channels, component/composite/S-Video input/output, 100w x5, optical and coaxial digital input, and adequate in/outs for a VCR, satellite/cable box, an iPod, a PS2, and a DVD player. Thus far all I've seen that has been within these parameters was a JVC RX-6042S, which I believe is available at my local Video Only store for about 175$.

He also needs a corresponding powered sub/sat system that corresponds to the reciever's range (i.e. 5 speakers and a sub for 5.1, etc.) or a good selection of floorstanding towers (like the KLH 9250B I use, they have 12"s for 100-130$ a pair) paired up with timbre matched satellites.

I'm still researching all available venues and options, and could use as much advice as anyone can through my way. Hell, you could even grill me on my signature/quote, as no one has yet, and I subscribe to several forums around the web!

I'll appreciate and respond to any suggestions, as they will help alot.