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12-04-2004, 12:06 PM
I've discovered a new vocation in my early retirement at 50- rent music related DVD's through Netflix. burn them 3 at a time via DVD shrink, return them next day, etc. & build up a pretty good library! I get DVD slip on cases real cheap 100 at a time via Ebay buy it now from the distributers who sell this in bulk. What I don't have now and need to do, and this is where I can use someones help, pretty please, is a website where I can get (even if its for just a 30 day free trial) a free download for a DVD cover template- mainly something that I can title the Spine on - artwork is not necessary, so I can then slip this through my DVD slip on case to identify what is inside. Hopefully this makes sense to you. I'd also like to be able to title the front of the DVD. I have Word Perfect Productivity Pack on my computer & I looked under labels but couldn't seem to find an applicable Avery template- maybe I looked under the wrong title. I tried doing a google serach and the one or 2 free programs didn't make any sense to me at all. Any help would be much appreciated. If you have a commercial program please also list this as I may get one if there are no free alternatives. Thanks

12-04-2004, 03:11 PM
I just found via a good program for my needs called Accoustica DVD label makers that makes it easy to put a cover with spine on a DVD box which I just tried out (it's $22 to purchase, free 7 day download to see if you want it before you purchase it). I also found, which is great ideally but i'm not sure of the reality, DVD cover search pro which finds & prints DVD covers of releases for you for which it does an internet search(?), but didn't have alot of movies I was looking for.