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12-03-2004, 08:36 PM
Hi all,
i was in circuit city and saw a Samsung that was about 650 and looked like a good hdtv.also found some very positive reviews on the cc site.
i was just wondering if you guys know of any good hdtv's in the 600-800 range?? also if you know anything about this samsung model im referring to. TX- P2675WHD
any comments would be appreciated.

Mr Peabody
12-03-2004, 09:47 PM
I have recently been looking at hdtv. One thing I found out that may save you some money, there are TV's that are "hd ready" or "hd monitors" which will do hdtv with an outboard HD source such as a satelite receiver or now you can buy DVD players with the hd tuner or there are hdtv's with the built in HD tuner. Of course, the TV's with the built in tuners are more expensive, so you should decide if that is a necessary thing for you to pay for. In my case yes because I am close enough to get off air stations and I am not paying extra subscription money to the satelite company for HD.

I saw a Samsung 26" rectangle flat tube for $699. I almost bought but wanted the 30" at $999. Both have built in tuners and DVI inputs. But when I saw the Sony that was it, everything else paled in comparison. I also bought the Sony DVD player which connected to the TV via HDMI connection. Awesome results, the picture is fabulous. The Sony would be about $500. past the budget you stated. The Samsung had a good picture, just not as good, and they have been coming strong in the TV realm. I think they may have been the first to put a DLP on the market. A couple other options is the Phillips at $799., I can't remember if that had a tuner. I was impressed with an Advent HD monitor for $350. but the tube was square, so eventually when everything goes to HD you will always have black bars, unless it had a screen converter but you still would never see the true HD widescreen. On the other hand I have a rectangle screen and now have to convert everything to widescreen or have black bars on the side. The conversion isn't so bad but you either miss part of the picture or suffer a slight stretched look, very sharp, but stretched. So the $350. set may not be a bad deal for the interim. But the widescreen does pay off now when watching DVD.

12-04-2004, 04:44 AM
Thank you Mr Peabody for your helpful know i was considering going with what looks like the 30 inch version as im speaking from samsung too, but as you stated once you get into that 999 range, then you will have other choices to consider. as you did, then went to the sony. i think im gonna try and stay in the range i stated and it also looks as if the samsung 26" flat tube hdtv built in(rectangular screen), is one of the best in its class or price range.
do you know anything about the importance of the dvi ??? i know the guy at cc stated it was considerably better than the phillips that was 599.00 that had also had hd built in.

Mr Peabody
12-04-2004, 11:22 AM
I know the DVI cables are expensive. A Monster costs about $100.00 where a good component Monster runs $50. or $60.00. I have not compared the picture and have heard mixed reviews. Some say the difference between the component and the DVI is negligible. DVI is just video as well as component. The HDMI is capable of carrying both video and audio signals. It seems we went full circle, we started with RF that carried both, then went composite video because separate is better, then different versions of separate and ow back to both in one cable again. Maybe being digital running the signals together is less of a problem. Really the main consideration is what kind of outputs your sources have. For instance, I went with the HDMI because the Sony DVD player offered it.

Before you buy, you might want to go into Best Buy and look at that 27" Advent for $350.00 it had a great picture but no HD tuner and the tube was square. You might also want to post your question again on the Home Theater forum to see if you get better feedback.